This modlist opened up a new world in VR for me. I knew I would never have the time or skill to mod this game on my own. But now I have enjoyed nearly 200 hours of VR gameplay in the Commonwealth and love the Survival settings. The wasteland is scary, vibrant, and excitement has been brought to life in a way I wasn’t sure was possible! – Tailgun

Very positive. Modding is complicated, making things work is a chore, it really requires a huge amount of time. As an old time modder and fan of modding, I admit it’s the first time I used an automated program with a premade modlist. I didn’t regret at all. – AnaCostia

100+ hour playthrough on an old version of the list and starting again on the new version of the list to be the “bad guy” in conqueror. Amazing performance and SO MANY options to customize. Put simply I would not have bought Fallout 4 VR without this list and would have never been able to mod this game myself. Fallout modding is in a much different state than Skyrim and way harder to figure out. Thank you for a great list and experience! -Teddybear

My experience with this modlist has been great. I usually don’t have a lot of time to play games, so not having to go through the time sink and the hassle of making a decent modlist actually work is amazing. Installing and updating is easy. The modlist itself is an amazing improvement on the TTW experience. Would recommend! – Noxians

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