Recommended VR Experiences

Yoggdrasil Modlist for SkyrimVR

Expertly crafted wabbjack (Auto-installing) modlist that turns SkyrimVR in a Super fun game! (This is the modlist I use in my videos)

Blade & Sorcery

Amazing VR game with full Physics driven combat! Has full mod support and works with fullbody tracking.

Tales of Glory

Basically Mount & Blade in VR. You can command armies using your voice and fight on action packed battle fields with hundreds of other units. Has a full campaign mode.

Minecraft VR using Vivecraft

Amazing way to play minecraft! You can run and jump up every individual block and mine things physically. Can use any regular minecraft mod you want.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Fantastic VR game with an Amazing inventory system. You’ll have some of the most heart pumping VR gameplay with this.

Vertigo Remastered

Basically Portal but in VR. This is a great experience with very interesting enemies and puzzles.

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